Flight Examining

Flight Examiner

Jim holds both General Aviation and Airline Flight Examiner Approvals, and is able to conduct flight tests for:
  • Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter)
  • Part 135 Continued Competency VFR and IFR
  • ‘B’ and ‘C’ Category Instructor Continued Competency Checks
  • Instrument Rating Extensions for ADF and GNSS
  • Removal of Instructor Rating Night Flight Limitation
  • Part 135 Route and Aerodrome Proficiency
  • Acting under a specific delegation from CAA, Jim can also conduct the following:
  • General Aviation Flight Examiner Issue and Biennial Competency Flight Tests
  • Airline Flight Examiner Part 135 Issue and Biennial Competency Flight Tests
  • Category A Flight Instructor Biennial Flight Tests
  • ATPL(H) Flight Tests
Approved Flight Testing Officers
Jim also holds approval from CASA to conduct a range of Australian Flight Tests, including Night and Instrument ratings, Flight Reviews, Issue of Type Ratings and Endorsements.
Helicopter training by ice aviation

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