CRM Training

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

We specialise in tailored Crew Resource Management (CRM) training for all personnel involved in the aviation industry. Our CRM training is conducted in accordance with the syllabus published by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority and facilitated by accredited Crew Resource Management Instructors. Our courses are based on UK CAA and JAR Ops CRM training criteria, which have been adopted by many authorities worldwide. Crew Resource Management training is just as applicable to the single pilot operators as it is to pilots flying in a multi-crew environment. All of the modules and disciplines that are taught enhance flight safety regardless of operational background.

CRM Initial Course

If you have not undertaken any formal Crew Resource Management training in the past, you will need an initial CRM course. This takes two days and covers all CRM modules from the appropriate syllabi.
CRM Refresher Training

CRM Refresher Training

All flight crew are required to undertake CRM refresher training course administered by an expert CRM trainer on an annual basis (depending on which regulating authority you operate under). These courses take one day and on a 3-year cycle cover all of the CRM modules.

Company Specific CRM Training

In some cases there are no regulatory requirements for CRM training though most professional operators and flight crew accept and want the benefits of CRM. We are happy to tailor any package to suit your needs. This allows you to get the full advantage of a CRM course designed to facilitate your company’s specific requirements. 

CRM Core Elements

The following core elements form the basis for CRM training, and are tailored to individual course requirements:
  • Human error and reliability, error chain prevention and detection
  • Company safety culture, SOPs, organisational factors
  • Stress, stress management, fatigue and vigilance
  • Information acquisition and processing, situation awareness and workload management
  • Decision-making
  • Communication and coordination inside and outside the cockpit
  • Leadership and team behaviour synergy
  • Automation (as relevant to type)
  • Type-specific CRM issues
Ice Aviation Ltd does not believe in CRM training by correspondence or on-line. The ethos of CRM can only be effectively taught in a facilitated, classroom style, group-learning environment. 
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